Love Your Neighbor!

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Love Your Neighbor! This is the second greatest commandment in the Bible. God requires all those who are born again to demonstrate radical love. God has first demonstrated this radical love on each of us. He confronted us living in the vilest sins imaginable, and He extended radical love to the unlovable.

This is taught in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In Leviticus 19:18b , God says  you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the Lord. In the New Testament, Jesus affirms the great command of loving your fellow man. In Matthew 19:19B You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

To love our neighbors as ourselves requires a deep abiding love of God. If our love of God is shallow, we will not be able to achieve what God desires from us. It will be challenging at times to love our neighbors, but the Lord is glorified when each of us love difficult people who are desperately in need of God’s love. As you look around, what people near you needs to know and experience God’s Love? Will your love today?